This Blog’s Purpose and Books That Might Change Your Life! (or at least be fun to read)

t_cms_news-44_image_bildIn thinking about my new website and starting a blog, I thought about what I wanted as a reader, a teacher, and a writer. As a reader, I want to know what good books are out there, especially outside of my go-to genres. As a teacher, I want to know what my students are reading and loving. As a writer, I have wanted opportunities to share my thoughts and (to be honest) to get my name out there as a guest blogger. So I thought: why not create a blog that potentially meets the needs of readers, writers, and teachers?

My students, current and former, tend to be avid readers, great writers, and enthusiastic sharers. Many of them love to press books into my hands, saying, “This will change your life, Ms. Ray!”

While I admit few have (I’m an old dog, and there aren’t many new literary tricks likely to be life-changing the way The Outsiders was when I was thirteen or Their Eyes Were Watching God when I was seventeen), I do like trying new things and am open to the possibility that one day, my life might be changed again by a book.d93cfaa9f22f46ee52e0001fe757a355

The plan is to start with the students and eventually open this up to other guest bloggers. If you might want to review a book here, contact me.

The big rule: I’ve asked the students to be positive. Even if they don’t like something about a book, I told them to be kind about it, reminding them that what they are reading is an author’s best effort and to treat the artists gently. Online respect is in short supply sometimes.

So that’s it. I hope you like the new blog and the reviews that follow. And who knows? Maybe you’ll find a new book here that will change your life!

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