Green Bicycle Book – Review by Mckinley Jovanovic

v48n1green-bike-lgMckinley is sincere, intelligent, open-minded, and dramatic (in the best way possible — confident, expressive, verbal, and interested in theater). She brings energy to our class discussions, and is passionate about justice, a major theme of our studies.

“Spunky eleven-year-old Wadjda lives in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with her parents. She desperately wants a bicycle so that she can race her friend Abdullah, even though it is considered improper for girls to ride bikes. Wadjda earns money for her dream bike by selling homemade bracelets and mixtapes of banned music to her classmates. But after she’s caught, she’s forced to turn over a new leaf (sort of), or risk expulsion from school. Still, Wadjda keeps scheming, and with the bicycle so closely in her sights, she will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Set against the shifting social attitudes of the Middle East, The Green Bicycle explores gender roles, conformity, and the importance of family, all with wit and irresistible heart.” – Amazon


21936967The Green Bicycle is a book that brings awareness to different  cultures and what many people, like our heroine Wadjda, go through. Wadjda is faced with a difficult challenge that comes from being a girl in Saudi Arabia. She is best friends with a boy and always wanted to race him with a bike of her own. One day she sees a green bicycle in the window of a storefront and is determined to get it. Meanwhile Wadjda’s mother has been unable to have another child which her father desperately wants because without a son his family name will die out. Though he loves his wife he has the option of starting a harem, but women can only have one husband and Wadjda’s mother couldn’t divorce him. She would be the subject of pity to all. This book is very interesting because it shows how people, especially girls, can persevere and do whatever they want to if they put their minds to it. The Green Bicycle is an amazing eye opener to everyone and it’s cliffhangers and perfect ending had me up into late at night because I couldn’t put it down.

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