A World on Fire


Six lands, three religions, one true love. (Based on real events.)
1497. The Mediterranean is in upheaval, and Beatríz finds herself in the midst of the turmoil. Expelled from Spain not five years earlier along with the rest of the country’s Jews, she is terrified to learn of Portugal’s decree that all Jews must convert to Christianity. Beatríz has promised her fiancé, Yusef, a merchant at sea, that she will wait for him in Lisbon, but when events spiral out of control, Beatríz must choose conversion, death, or separation. If she stays, what of her identity? If she goes, how will she find Yusef again? Leaving offers dangers: land wars, civil wars, religious wars, not to mention plagues, pirates, starvation, and others who would desire her conversion to Christianity or Islam. The world is on fire. Which way to turn?

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This story was inspired by my husband’s research.  If you’re interested in a non-fiction academic text about this era and these events, check out his award-winning book:

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