Cheshire Crossing – Review by Zadie

Zadie is effervescent, sweet, and smart. I look forward to her coming into class every day because I know she’ll smile and have great ideas, and always looks interested even when I’m being boring (which I try not to be). She loves to read, and has a great book to share with you!

In Cheshire Crossing we once again meet Dorthy (The Wizard of Oz), Wendy (Peter Pan), and Alice (Alice in Wonderland), but for the first time, they meet each other. But, the Wicked Witch of the West and Captain Hook are back, and they also meet! As their worlds, collide, can Dorthy, Wendy, and Alice stop Hook and the Witch from taking over Oz? Or will they be forced to retreat?

With wonderful new views on classic characters, Cheshire Crossing gives us back Wendy, Dorthy, and Alice, but more kick-butt than ever! I laughed at so many different parts of this book and because it is a graphic novel, marveled at the amazing illustrations. Also, Wendy got a pixie cut!!!